The Murph
May 29, 2018
Comet preblast- Grab your partner
May 29, 2018

Back at The Wall

  • When: 05/27/2018
  • Q: Scalpel and Mama Moose
  • Pax: Holy Toledo, Gypsy, Cameo Shrimp, Sassy pants, Sarg, Taz, Oz, Shredder, Rebound, Beasley, QB, Talks a lot, Fosse, Travel Girl, Nurse Ratchet, Java, Cleve, inky, jams FNG: Jamie aka. TITANUIM!

22 amazing women of all walks of life joined together this morning to savor the beautiful natural setting at The Wall including a Bald Eagle-right on que! Come next week for the view of a lifetime on your Sunday!

Warm up: mat jumps, in cadence- lunge together lunge rotate
Song: Pause by pitbull…jumping jacks, down=squatjacks
Circle Abs: everyone else does scissor abs while each pax does 20 glute bridges w weight.
Partner work: ground level, pushup to side plank… while partner runs to top does 40 leg lifts at the railing. Run down stairs and tag partner.
Cool down: lunge walk with big arms

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