Pre-blast for We Fancy – Royal Saturday workout
May 18, 2018
Welcome Week AMRAPs
May 19, 2018

Arms, abs, legs, oh my!!!!


  • When: 05/19/2018
  • Q: Sisqo
  • Pax: Creole, ex-con, glowworm, corabelle, fonda, beaker, pinny, cool runnings, dorothy, fng brinn(spike) fng jessica(strawberry)sisqo


Warm up: Arm windmills forward and backward 20 count

Toe Touches 20

Cherry Pickers 20

Hip Openers 20

Ski Jumps 10

Jumping Jacks 10

Speed Skaters 10

Lap around parking lot


Basketball Court

Kareoke down and back

high knees down and back

sprint down and back

repeat 2x


Interval 20 sec 10 sec break repeat 3x

push ups against wall w a clap

wall sit


burpees all the way down

sit ups back off floor

sit ups touch heels

rocking geckos


Interval 30 sec 15 sec break

tricep dips

step ups

repeat 3x

The Hill (my favorite)

Dora Partner

100 squats / run up hill

75  plank shoulder taps no running ( hill was muddy)

Light jog around Sports Complex (plank til everyone is done)

12 ab exercises 10x from everyone

cool down stretching on mat


Quotes: Be better than your excuses

This world is a tough place so be kind and have a big heart that everyone can see.



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