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March 7, 2018
My Lucky Charms
March 7, 2018

Arms and Abs Baby!

  • When: 03/07/2018
  • Q: Mozart
  • Pax: Billboard, Pointer, Safari, FNG (Welcome Crash), Needle, Lake Life, Cabi, Scam, Mozart

Happy Wednesday!  9 PAX (1 FNG) showed up this morning in some cooler temps to find out they would be working on their arms and abs.  There were some grumbles along the way but everyone suffered through it and got it done.

Conditions: 46*

Warm Up:

JJ X20
Burpees x10
Burpees x8
Windmills x10
Burpees x6
Imperial Walkers x10
Burpees x4
Pushups x10
Burpees x2

Shoulder Burn

LBAC x10 forward (leave them up)
LBAC x10 backwards (leave them up)
OH Claps x10 (leave them up)
DirtyBirds x10 (leave them up)
OH Claps x10 (leave them up)
LBAC x10 backwards (leave them up)
LBAC x10 forward (leave them up)

Ring of Fire
Rd 1
⁃ everyone circle up in plank heads in center
⁃ 1st person does 5 pushups, 2nd person does 5, continue around the circle
⁃ Go down to 1
Rd 2
⁃ same concept, hold 6” and 1st person does 10 flutter kicks, continue around circle
⁃ Reduce by 2 flutter kicks each rd

Mosey to front parking lot and line up in 1st pole
⁃ 10 Carolina Dry Docks at each pole to the front entrance
⁃ Return back with 10 Push Ups at each pole

Plank o Rama
⁃ high plank 1 minute
⁃ Left arm up 1 minute
⁃ Right arm up 1 minute
⁃ Right leg up 1 minute
⁃ Left leg up 1 minute

Russian Twist x20
LBCs x20
Flutter Kicks x20
LBCs x20

Russian Twist x20



Prayer Request:  Please continue to pray for Safari’s brother and sister in law

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