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October 11, 2018
56 Card Pick-Up
October 12, 2018

Arms, Abs and Hoodies

  • When: 10/12/2018
  • Q: Legal Eagle
  • Pax: Annabeth, Bulldog, Dragster, Legal Eagle
3 PAX joined me on what was really the chilliest fall morning we have had so far by almost 15 degrees.
After a warm up of fluid stretching, we did 15 arm exercises with weights and 15 ab exercises for 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest:
Arms: bicep curl with overhead raise; hammer curls; high bicep curls; In and Outs (arms at rt. angles at shoulders, press in and out); rotators (arms at rt. angles, elbows at waist, press in and out); rotator pulses; shoulder circles to the back, shoulder circles to the front; shoulder press pulses; right bicep curl with left static hold; left bicep curl with right static hold; triceps press; triceps pulse; cross body sweep right; cross body sweep left.
Abs: tricycles (arms at sides, crunch up, alternating knee drive to chest); bicycle crunches; Russian twists; split leg crunch pulses; hello Dollys; windshield wipers; reverse crunch with leg lift; figure 8 with weight; crunches with weight; crunch with right twist with weight; crunch with left twist with weight; straight leg sit up with weight; reclining kick outs; leg climbs left and leg climbs right (one leg straight up, walking hands up as far as you can go).
Cool down with fluid stretching.
We prayed for Shears and her grandma and Bulldog’s children.

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