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September 10, 2018
Hokey Pokey and Burpees
September 10, 2018

  • When: 09/10/2018
  • Q: KoolAid
  • Pax: Paddler, Lilac, Eclipse, Granola, Footloose, Benjamin Button, and BOT

In anticipation of our 9/11 stair climb, we did Harvey and focused on arms, abs and back with some cardio mixed in.  My timer said this was 37:40 so with Warm-up and Name-o-rama, this workout was perfect for 45 minutes.

The thing:

2 minutes warm-up

Arms with weights (We started with heavier weights and switched to a light set for the second round)

Bicep curls (45 seconds/10 rest)

Lateral raises (45/10)

Upright Rows (45/10)

Bent Over Rows (45/10)

Bent Over Raises (45/10)


Mountain Climbers (45 seconds/15 rest)

Plank Jack (45/15)


Back strengthening

Diamond Pushups (45 second/10 rest)

Plank Row (45/10)

Butterfly Press (laying on back on the mat – 45/10)

Skull crushers (45/10)


Burpees (45 seconds/15 rest)

Jumping Jacks (45/15)



Little Baby Crunches (45 seconds/10)

Russian Twists (45 seconds/10)

Big Girl Sit-ups (45/10)

Heels to Heaven (45/10)


Fast Feet (45 seconds/15 rest)

High knees or Butt Kickers (45/15)


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