Birthday Fun
June 2, 2018
Foxtrot PB: Routes for Ruckers and Runners
June 2, 2018

Are those legs shakin?

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Mud Pie
  • Pax: Carebear, FNG-Barcardi, Goldfish, Badwolf (Red 2.0), Ghiraradelli, Volunteer, Tetris, Mud Pie

With a local Run for a reason Race going on at the same time we were small but mightly and knocked it out.  The weather was sunny and not to humid just yet so some amazing ladies got it done.

Warm ups

Toy Soldiers, Butt kicks, arm circles and stretches

The Thang

10 Burpees

Lunge to 1st cone- do 10 pushups- Run back

lunge to 2nd cone- do 10 tricep dips- Run Back

10 Burpees

Bear Crawl to 1st cone- do 10 pushups- Run Back

Bear Crawl to 2nd cone- do 10 Tricep Dips- Run Back

10 Burpees

Side Shuffles to 1st Cone- do 10 pushups- Run Back

Side Shuffles to 2nd Cone- do 10 TriCep Dips- Run Back

10 Burpees

(hold Plank until all was complete)

We finished up with FIA choice abs

8 ab exercises for 45 secs each

Examples (I cant remember them all)- cockroaches, mountain climbers, the tetris figure 8s, defenders, heels to heaven with stretch out, penguins

Ended with a cool down of some good stretches for both legs and arms

Namorama- Named our FNG (Welcome AMBER- FIA BACARDI) , said a quote and ended with our prayer (thank you Volunteer)

After this several were able to stay behind and get a mile run in around the track to help a fellow Fia sister stay accountable for her own personal goals.  It was a nice ending to keep us together and stay strong together.




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