Suicides And Planks
April 7, 2018
Saturday Suicides
April 7, 2018

Another rainy day circuit!

  • When: 04/07/2018
  • Q: Watson
  • Pax: DIY, Lumos, Peach, Philly, Denise (Side Kick)
Another great rainy day workout for Durham! We stayed dry under the awning and enjoyed a circuit workout.
Warm up: 
Sun salutations
Arm circles
Toy soldiers
Circuit (2x’s 1 minute each)
Bent over lateral raises
Serving planks
High Knees
Bicep curls
Standing deadlifts
Military press
Tricep extensions
Side planks
Leg band walks
Glute Burning Circuit:
 We “Brought Sally Up and Down” doing squats to Moby’s Flower for 3 minutes.
Booty Rainbows
Single leg bridges
Donkey kicks
Fire hydrants
We wrapped the workout up with a 5-minute yoga session to stretch out those poor glutes and hamstrings.
At the end, we had the pleasure of giving FNG Denise her FiA name — Side Kick!

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