Muscle Burnout
May 17, 2018
Thelma Backblast – 5/17
May 17, 2018

An Insanely Sweaty But Beautiful Mess

  • When: 05/17/2018
  • Q: Shaun T
  • Pax: El Paso (Rio), Helium, Bagheera, Noodle, Mary Lou

We did the newest Insanity – Round 30 at 5:45 am this morning! It was supposed to be storming and dumping rain, but God spared us and gave us beautiful and pleasant weather – we even had a slight breeze! Since Insanity has regulations – I can’t post the entire workout, but I’ll give an overview of the workout and a few of my favorite moves!

We first did a warm up that consisted of 6 exercises that we did 2x through for 30 secs each.

Then we got right into the Thang! Exercises are 30 secs ea. done 3x through with 3 main rounds. Some of my favorite moves were an inchworm to a tricep push up with one leg raised, fast feet drill, soccer juggle (knee, knee, ankle tap, ankle tap).

We finished up with a grande finale with 3 cardio/plyo moves for 60 secs each and topped it off with 4 exercises for core work!

Everyone did such an awesome job and pushed themselves hard! So hard, that we were all drenched in sweat!

I shared I Cor. 9:23-27: Paul addresses the Corinthian church by using an analogy. The Isthmian games were being held not far from Corinth. They were games in which athletes competed – like the Olympics. Paul used the athletic games to show the church similarities between how an athlete works hard, is dedicated, uses self-control, and never gives up and to the life of a follower of Christ. We should also show the same characteristics in our walk with the Lord. The prize at the games was a crown of flowers or leaves that would soon wither and die, but a believers crown is an imperishable one that will be rewarded to all who have been faithful in their service to Christ.  Paul lived his life, not as one beats the air (wrestling metaphor in v.26) but in a way that was intentional and purposeful – he didn’t waste time or energy but used his life to speak God’s Word to all he came into contact with and we should live in a similar manner.

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