June 13, 2018
Workout Wednesday at the Nest
June 13, 2018

AMRAP with a Lap

  • When: 06/12/2018
  • Q: Partly Cloudy
  • Pax: Pinterest, Chocolate Chip, Spirit, Doc McStuffins, Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy

Tuesday Morning at the Den featured 6 awesome PAX that woke up very early in the summer to get their Beatdown.  So naturally, I tried to deliver, with a borrowed AMRAP from another FiA region.  😁

The Thang:

We warmed up with some stretching, toe touches, small jog, and full body skips.

AMRAP: 5 rounds, 8 minutes each, 12 reps of each exercise (24 if it was a side to side exercise)

1. Squats, Speed skaters, Reverse Lunges, Glute bridge, lap to cones and back, repeat!

2. Chest press, Fly, Bent Rows, Push Ups, lap to cones and back, repeat!

3. Mountain climbers, Plank Rolls, Imperial Walkers, Toe Taps, lap to cones and back, repeat!

4. Russian Twists, In & Outs, Big Girl Sit Ups, Leg Lifts, lap to cones and back, repeat!  (This one kicked our butts surprisingly)

5. Single Leg Dead Lifts, Tricep dips with leg out, Plank Jacks, Calf Raises, lap to cones and back, repeat!  (We ran out of time with this one, so we just did 1 round of each exercise and lap)

We wrapped up with some stretching, prayer requests, discussion, a prayer and our Namorama.

We know summer time brings a lot of vacation and travel (yay!).  We miss you when you are gone, so travel safe, enjoy the R&R, and come back to us when you can!

❤️, ⛅️

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