Agility Hurdles…3 inches is higher than it looks.

Air Raid PB: Dodging Raindrops
June 25, 2018
Circle circuit w/a little Q Skool
June 25, 2018

Agility Hurdles…3 inches is higher than it looks.

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • Q: Tongs
  • Pax: Tongs, Speakeasy, Bones, Pinot, Running Horse

The rain finally left leaving the humidity, a heavenly breeze, a mostly dry parking lot, and a rather squishy field. So our 5 pax ran some agility drills in the upper parking lot near the Marlin’s stadium. We took a quick jog from the low parking lot to the upper stadium lot to start our beatdown.

The Thang: 4 agility stations with different burpees intermixed for 5-minute AMRAPs

Station 1 – run suicides between 4 cones (positioned across 8 parking lot spaces), then 5 regular burpees.

Station 2 – 10 single leg lateral hurdle hops, then 5 lateral burpees.

Station 3 – 4 cones positioned perpendicular to a center cone with 5 yards distance from center cone. Stay facing one direction, and side shuffle or sprint/backpedal between cones for 3 rounds, then 5 Star burpees.

Station 4 – 10 Around the world box jumps, followed by 5 single leg burpees.

We completed 1 round of 5 minutes with 1 minute rest between stations, then 1 round of 2.5 minutes with 30 seconds rest between stations.

 COT/ namarama. And oh boy, are my legs already feeling it. But I definitely feel strong after 💯 burpees!

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