Run, Speed, Control at Portside
May 31, 2019
Summer Games (Rain Interruption)
May 31, 2019

Abs with a side of more abs

  • When: 05/31/2019
  • Q: Excel 0.0
  • Pax: One More, BB, Outlander, Battlefield, Dominos, Veronica Corningstone, Where's Waldo

8 PAX strong this morning with special appearances by Where’s Waldo and Veronica Corningstone. It was great to see them back out at Legacy. Temperature wise it wasn’t so bad.
When you have a broke toe, can’t squeeze your foot in a shoe but are the Q…some creativity is needed. I tried to base this workout on what I could do instead of just watching everyone else suffer. I still heard some moaning and groaning so I think the mission was accomplished even though we stayed in the circle. For all those times we really haven’t had time to really focus on abs – I made up for alot of it.

Warm up
15 JJ CC
15 Butt Kickers CC
10 Windmills OYO

The Thang
Everything was 50 seconds of work/10 sec of rest

Weighted Oblique crunches
Tricep kickbacks
Weighted V-Ups
Skull Crushers
Weighted Sit ups

Tea cups – Left Side
Rear Fly
Tea cups – Right Side
Upright row
Boat with Chest Fly

Boat with Scare Crow
Hammer Curls
Figure 8
Bicep In & Outs
Boat with shoulder press

Prayers and Praises
Praise for the birth of Jambo’s sweet little girl. Meal train link shared to facebook page
Veronica Corningstone’s husbands company to grow into the Greenville area so his travel will decrease and we can have her at FiA again
Outlander – travel with sister and kids next week.
Excel 0.0 – healing – over this not being able to get around stuff

Great job ladies!


  1. Sandalwood says:

    Hi, What are weighted V-ups? Do you just add weights to your legs?

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