Surprise Workout
September 20, 2018
AMRAP Wednesday
September 20, 2018

A-Z Circuit @ Sweat School

  • When: 09/18/2018
  • Q: Hummer & Beats
  • Pax: Chill Pill, S’mores, Cheesehead, Cameo, Heartbeat, Beats, Gilly, Hummer

Had a great workout at the tennis courts at Sweat School in our wonderful Memphis humidity Tuesday morning. This was my first co-Q so Beats helped me out with her amazing experience to lead this workout! Of course, we had to have some good workout music since Beats was co leading. We worked out to everything from Katy Perry to Queen and Rockin’ Robin – it helps the time and calories fly by!

Welcome- Beats

Disclaimer- Beats

Warm Up- Beats- High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Burpees (we can’t seem to escape these in a workout!)


Thang- Hummer- A-Z Circuit workout madeup of 5 groupings, 7 min duration each, workout at your own pace. Between each set, I demonstrated exercises while everyone grabbed some water and caught their breath.

First Set- 10 of each (both legs=1)

-Alternating Back Lunges

-Bear Crawl to Tennis Net

-Crab Shuffle Back to Mat

-Donkey Kicks

-Elbow to Knee Planks

Second Set – 15 of each exercise

-Flutter Kicks

-Glute Bridges

-Heel Touch

-Imperial Walkers

-Jumping Jacks

Third Set – 20 of each

– Knee Ups

-Little Baby Crunch

-Mountain Climbers

-Narrow Squats

-One leg Calf Raises

Fourth Set – 15 of each

-Plank Jacks

-Quick Feet (for 15 seconds)


– Shoulder Tap Planks

-Toy Soldiers

Bonus Set

-U get an extra 30 second rest- we’re almost done!

Fifth and final set- 10 of each




-Y-raise (like Superman- hold 10 seconds)

-Zig zags (5 forward and 5 back)

We all survived!!

COT- had count-o-Rama, name-o-Rama, no FNG but 8 PAX, announced our upcoming FIAlanthropy project (food drive for mid-south food bank), and had a quick message on speaking LIFE into others. We need to uplift and not tear down- this includes spouse, kids, strangers, coworkers! Be careful and purposeful with your words…

Coffeeteria afterwards with 2 PAX @ Starbucks- yummy!

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