A Royal Welcome Week Workout
May 19, 2018
Rain? What Rain?
May 19, 2018

A Royal Repeat – Deja Vu at We Fancy in Louisville

  • When: 05/19/2018
  • Q: Carmen
  • Pax: Carmen, Francis, Viper, PeeWee, O'Patrick (FNG), Sol, Malibu, Natural, Tafiti

The rain held off and we had no ticks! Everyone on a love filled high after royal wedding this a.m., we had  9 Pax including O’Patrick, an FNG!

Warmups- jack’s, arm circles – 30 seconds each and repeat sequence.

The thang

Run 1/4 mile loop

plank jacks 10

Sumo squats 20

Chair twists

plank leg raises 10

seal jacks 20

burpees 10

speed skaters

Run 1/4 mile loop and repeat exercise sequence

Run 1/4 mile loop

tricep dips on bench 20

pushups 10

superman raises with squeeze 20 (ouch)

Circle of trust  Named O’Patrick and ended with a vibrant discussion of donating bras to Tanzania!

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