EAGLESNEST Pre-Blast – Happy 2yr Anniversary!
May 9, 2017
Rebel Run BB – “Rain, rain go away…” huh, I think it worked!?!
May 9, 2017

A night of compromising positions

  • When: 05/08/2017
  • Q: Double Trifecta
  • Pax: AED, Duces,Raquet,Captain,Homerun, Baby, Splash, MJ,Scalpel, FlipIt,Speaker,Stride,Hummingbird, FNG Frida ~ Newton and 2.0's GrandSlam,Swift,Kitten,Pumpkin,Pea and Sinker

Apparently when you ask ladies to lie under a picnic table to do some reverse pull ups they think you’re joking…until you actually get down on the concrete and show them how its done!


Jumping Jacks 10 IC


Cherry pickers 10 IC

Workout was split into three different sections #1 The field #2 The pit and #3 Picnic tables

Section #1

Curtsy lunge with bicep curl 20 IC

Squat with overhead press 25 IC

Hollow hold in a circle while passing a brick around

Hold plank in a line while passing brick through the middle

Section #2

Decline merkins 20

Single leg lunge 15 per side

Triceps dips 20 IC

Section #3

Box jumps 25

Flutter kicks off the end of the bench 25 IC

Reverse pull ups 10

We made our way through the stations 2x’s shortening some counts to conserve on time.  We then circled up,  hit our abs with some heal taps and sparky crabs and called it a night!

I was so very proud of GrandSlam (Homerun’s 2.0) for stepping up and closing us in prayer.  What an incredible way to be courageous and become a leader amongst the Fia’s!

She also pushes really hard during all the workouts and demonstrates consistency and strength. Way to go girl!


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