A little cup of mystery for your morning

Oct Progress Circuit – no breakers
October 8, 2018
STEP into Monday with Juice!
October 8, 2018

A little cup of mystery for your morning

  • When: 10/08/2018
  • Q: Mounds
  • Pax: FiA Hamm, Hands on Mom, Extra Mile, DIY

The Station seems to be smaller with numbers lately, but that doesn’t stop us from getting in a great workout on these beautiful mornings.  There were 5 of us this morning for the Mystery Cup workout.

Warm Up:

  • Arm Circles – Forwards and backwards
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Windmills
  • Mosey up to the fountain

The Thang:

Mounds brought out her cup full of exercises.  We split into teams — Pink and Teal.   1 FiA would pull an exercise, whatever color the exercise was written in, did the exercise listed for as long as it took the opposite team to do either: a stadium run or bear crawl around the fountain.  The exercises were re-entered into the cup after pulling it.  So yes, some of us did burpees & swerkins several times in a row 🙁

The exercises were:

  • Squats
  • Box Jumps
  • Swerkins
  • Burpees

Ab Circle:

Each FiA named an ab/rep until time ran out.

  • Heals to heaven x 20
  • Backscratchers x 50
  • Big Scissors x 30


  • Extra Mile – prayers for wisdom with deciding what is the best choice for their son Parker and school next year.
  • Mounds – prayers that the family changes will settle down and family gatherings can be more enjoyable again, rather than awkward.


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