We Fancy Yoga-esq kind of Saturday
May 11, 2018
No HWY 51 5/12 due to Beachfest Matthews
May 12, 2018

A few firsts

  • When: 05/11/2018
  • Q: Steel
  • Pax: Globetrotter, KiMPossible, MonaLisa, CakeBoss, Primanti, Salsarita, TwistedTea

The thang:

jumping jacks-20c

slow butt kickers-20c

cherry pickers-20c

arm circles

Run to back parking lot and pair up

One partner runs one way and their partner runs the opposite. When you meet up, do the dseignated exercise then run back the same way and do that exercise again.


2-Partner squats-20

3-Plank shoulder taps-20

4-Lunges-20 each leg

Plank up in a straight line. First person bear crawls to other end while everyone holds their plank. Continue until everyone goes. Then go into reverse plank and crab walk through.

“Lot” of burpees back to the start. Do burpees but broad jump to move forward.

Dirty dogs and donkey kicks-20 each leg

One minute of each exercise

1-Push-up against the wall

2-Wall sit

3-Air presses

4-Side lunges

5-Tricep dips

6-Squat jumps

7-Moroccan night clubs

Boat/canoe with some twists x5


Plank with leg lift

Slow bicycles

Hello dolly-20

Heals to heaven

Run back to start

THE skinny:

Loved the great crowd this AM.  We had two girls (Cake Boss and Mona Lisa) who are super new join us.  I may have also dragged my sister-in-law from Maryland to double down with me.

Instead of field of burpees we did “Lot” of burpees even though it was only 1/4 of the lot. It had been awhile since we’ve done that so i felt like we should ease into it. Cake Boss had never done a burpee-welcome to the love/hate relationship of burpees.  I also Learned that I either mumble or you girls are super quick witted when I am giving updates on time.  Lots of laughs (as always).

Fantastic way to end this week! Love meeting new girls and hoping that Mona Lisa buys some gloves soon (😜).  Thanks for joining me!



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