The final countdown
September 15, 2018
Hurricane Strong
September 15, 2018


  • When: 09/14/2018
  • Q: One More
  • Pax: Squints, Jambo, Brony, Recess, Bank you Ma’am, Pixel, Bebe, Regroup, Bebe,
We had a pax of 11 but somehow only 8 names got taken down. Sorry to the 3 that I’ve left off!
Warm-up: jog to distant round about and back to circle
TT: 99s…with weights!  Between sets, jog a lap around nearby round-about.
99 squats
88 weighted punches
77 speed skaters
66 chest press
55  Bulgarian ball busters
44 single leg dead lifts (22/leg)
33 plank rows
22 arm curl w/ overhead press
11 manmaker burpies
1 big girl sit-up: 4 bicycles
For safety and protection over the Carolina coasts.
Brony’s grandmother in Wilmington
Regroup to get rest while she’s on vacation
Pixel’s kids to have peace and no anxiety during hurricane

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