Batcave Preblast I’m Back
August 16, 2018
Pre Blast PayDay
August 16, 2018

  • When: 08/11/2018
  • Q: Chocolate Chip
  • Pax: Straight Shooter, Cheese It, Smooth Operator, Fixer Upper, Whole Coconut, Partly Cloudy, Wonder Woman, Biscuits, Harley Quinn, Kristina Mirti (FNG) - Crash

Warmup –

Windmills; Stretches; Arm Circles; Jumping Jacks

Run a lap

The Thang:

Partner A – Squats while partner B runs, does 10 pushups then runs back, switch and repeat until song ends

Song 1 – Partner A – Squats                         Partner B – 10 Pushups

Song 2 – Partner A – LBCs                             Partner B – 20 Mountain Climbers

Song 3 – Partner A – Plank                           Partner B – 10 Star Jumps

Song 4 – Partner A – Carolina Dry Docks Partner B – Russian Twists

Song 5 – Partner A – Flutter Kicks              Partner B – Shoulder Taps


Countdown –

1 min each: Pushups, Squats, Dips, Alt Lunges, LBCs

2 min REST

45 secs each: Pushups, Squats, Dips, Alt Lunges, LBCs

2 min REST

30 secs each: Pushups, Squats, Dips, Alt Lunges, LBCs

2 min REST

Last HOORAH – 1 minute of BURPEES – everyone loves burpees and was super excited to them.  You guys are VERY welcome 🙂

Welcome Crash!!  We are so glad you joined us and look forward to seeing your face more often!

Everyone really rocked this workout!  I love how we push ourselves every week and are getting stronger everyday…bonds, friendships, bodies, leaders.  I am very thankful for you all!

COT – We circled up for name-o-rama and I was so concerned with getting a picture that I forgot to end with a prayer.  My priorities were a little out of whack – my apologies to you all!

New AO beginning Aug 18 in Hickory Flat at J.B. Owens Park – Spread the word!!!

09/08 come celebrate FiA Alpha’s 1 year anniversary and the official launch of the Cherokee Region at Midway Park in Cumming!!  All other Cherokee and Alpharetta AO’s will not be in operation that day.


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