The one without running
September 25, 2018
FiA Roanoke Launch 09-22-2018 “Flight Path”
September 25, 2018

  • When: 09/24/2018
  • Q: Sandbox
  • Pax: Mounds, FiaHamm, Scissor Sweep, Extra Mile, DIY, Cool Runnings

6 Pax Joined me for my first Q at #The Station in #Greer for a cooler morning (70 degrees) but we had no problem getting our sweat on.

Thanks to Ann Landers from Cougar Town for this one that I adapted for #The Station

Warmup (in cadence X20): Jumping jacks, imperial walkers (active ham string stretch fingers touching toes), and side leg raises

Run to the back of City Hall, facing the park
7s: Alternate between jump lunges and inch-worm pushups (running from one side of building to the other in between)

For the main event, we jogged to the stadium split in half. Between each round, we ran from the fountain to the entrance and back after each round.
Round 1: jump-ups on the stairs or stadium benches and 20 triceps dips (repeat three times each)
Round 2: Bear crawl backward (Joe Hendricks) up the stadium stairs and 30 calf raises (no repeats here)
Round 3: Crab walk across the bottom (between stairs) and step ups X20 (repeat once?)

Run to the playground for a round of abs; each person took a move and we rotated moves until everyone did each:
Muhammad Ali X20, crunches to left side X20, right side X20, heals to heaven X20, table top abs X20

Name o Rama, COT

Thankful for the opportunity to expand my FiA friends by coming to #The Station.  Thankful for the support, council, and laughs that all my FiA Friends provide.  Thankful for the challenges that God puts before us and joy in watching how He not only shows up but shows off!

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