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October 3, 2018
Pyramid Workout
October 3, 2018

7 Dancers Training!

  • When: 10/03/2018
  • Q: Mathlete
  • Pax: FiaHamm, Hands on Mom, Scissor Sweep

Small, yet GREAT group this morning! Thanks for joining me!!


Warm Up Jog: lap around half the park

7’s!!!!! (up the walk way/entrance to the park)

At the fountain – angle grinders (double count)

At the front of the park entrance – skaters (double count)

We partnered up for this and P1 started at the fountain doing 6 angle grinders, P2 started at the entrance to the park doing 6 skaters.

Side shuffle from fountain to entrance and each time you pass your partner, stop and do 3 BURPEES!

We ended up changing the side shuffles to a jog about half way through the reps.


Dancer’s Booty:

(I used to inspiration from the dance team that I coach. We did the following leg and booty exercises that I like to use while training my dancers! I apologize if I don’t explain these well…..)

Around the fountain:

Side step out with right leg into a squat and lift the left leg to the side squeezing the cheeks!!

Half way around the fountain switch to the left leg stepping out into the squat and lifting the right leg to the side.


2o dips

Around the fountain: kick sequence pointing toes to engage more muscles..

Kick right leg front at 90 degree , Kick left leg front at 90 degree, Kick right leg to the side, Kick Left leg back. Repeat. Half way around Switching to Kicking left leg first. Your body ends up doing at 360 turn during each kick sequence.

20 dips

We walked over to a wall to help for balance for the next exercise.

Lift leg with knee bent up to chest (like a standing crunch) then extend leg straight out at a diagonal. (extend out at angle between beside you and straight back) 30 reps per leg!!

20 dips



We started with LBC’s for 60 seconds.

The last 2 minutes we did 30 seconds of whichever ab exercise  you choose!



My student, Elijah, who is fighting brain cancer. Lately  he has been assigned to home bound instruction due to difficulty with radiation and chemo therapy.



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