5 Stations, 4 Rounds and No counting

FiA to Table
March 7, 2018
We Show Up For Each Other
March 7, 2018

5 Stations, 4 Rounds and No counting

  • When: 03/07/2018
  • Q: Slugger
  • Pax: Salsa, Shug, Dolly, Steeler, Explorer, Forrest, Slugger

It was 45 degrees and a little foggy at Field of Dreams this morning. 7 pax showed up to get their Hump Day humping. My FiA’s know that I have “A Mile a Day” challenge going, and today’s workout made sure we/I got a mile in.

Warm up:
25 JJ IC
20 Mtn Climbers IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Plank Jacks IC

The Thang:
5 stations were set up: stations 1-4 had 4 exercises and station 5 was our “timer” (aka runner). We split up so that there was at least one person at each station, completed the first exercise at that station and then rotated to the next station, so that in the end we had visited each station. These were the exercises at each station:
Station 1- Arms (5# dumbbells & kettlebell, 10# dumbbells provided)
Arm curls
Overhead press
Standing Row
Tricep extension or dip

Station 2 – Legs
Curtsy lunges
Alternating lunges
Donkey kicks

Station 3 – Abs
Russian twists
Flutter kicks

Station 4 – Back & Glutes
Alternating side leg lifts
Glute bridges
Hold plank

Station 5 – run inner loop of parking lot

CoT and Nameorama:
Prayers for Globetrotters continued healing
Meal Train Belly Flop
Lighthouse for Life 5K on Saturday

One day a man was getting his windshield washed at the filling station. When the attendant finished, the man said, “That’s a terrible job. Redo my windshield. It’s as dirty as when you started.” So the attendant wiped it again. The man looked it over in and frustration said that window hasn’t changed a bit. The man’s wife was sitting next to him in the car fuming, she reached over, pulled off his glasses, wipe them and gave them back to him. The attendant had been doing his job correctly, the man himself was the problem all along.
Spiritually speaking, the glasses you’re looking through determine what you see, and how you see it.
When you look through the lenses of jealousy and envy, you become resentful of the blessings of others.
When you look through the lens of judgmentalism, you speak and act without mercy and grace.
When you look through the lens of fear and unbelief, you limit God and forfeit what he can do for you.
When you look through the lens of selfishness, you put yourself first and your loved ones suffer.
When you look through the lens of negativity and cynicism, people begin to avoid you because you’re not enjoyable to be around. “Be clean you who they are the vessels of the Lord.” Isaiah 52:11.

Just as your glasses Need to be wiped clean from the contamination around you, so do your heart and mind. How does this happen? Jesus said, “Now you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.”John 15:3. Through prayer and daily Bible reading your perspective on life is kept right.

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