Dora 1234 (with a side of mat work)
May 14, 2018
Pre-Mimosa Mother’s Day Workout
May 14, 2018

45 and ladder

  • When: 05/15/2018
  • Q: Die hard
  • Pax: Die hard, tech, diver, einstein, tooth fairy, chronicles, mama bear

Cardio round 1 (x5 ea,x4, x3, x2,x1)
Squat knee tuck
Lunge hop right
Lunge hop left
Side jump half burpees

Cardio round 2 (x5 countdown)
V burpees (jump fert rt, left, center)
Mountain climbers
Side shuffle 180 jump, side shuffle 180 =1

Cardio round 3 (x5 countdown)
Yoga switch leg transfers (fast alt runner lunges)


Skaters (or mtn climbers like we accidentally did)

Broad jump burpees

Strength round 1 x 45 sec ea exercise
Plank toe touch or dumbell transfer from hands to feet and back again
Push up rows
Back lunge left tri press up
Back lunge right tri press up

Strength round 2 x 45 sec ea exercise
Forward lunge left w/ bi curl and lat raise
Forward lunge right w/ bi curl and lat raise
V rotation to left lunge, center shoulder press,  to right lunge

Strength round 3 x 45 sec ea exercise
Tri kick back with stationary squat

Bi curl to shoulder press
Squat w/forward raise and stand to lat raise

Push ups

Side v up left x 45 sec ea exercise
Side v up right
Crunches w/ elbows at side, fingers point up,  palms facing, (knee to elbow, heels stay lifted for extra challenge)
Plank hold, forearms 1min

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