4 Corner Fun
June 2, 2018
FiA/F3/2.0 Workout
June 3, 2018

45-30-15 seconds

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Marvel
  • Pax: 3rd Degree (FNG, Milly), Cool Runnings, Corabelle, Creole, Digger, Ex-con, Ginger, Glowworm, Hitchhiker, Lady A, Paycheck, Peyton, Pinny, Phelps, Sisqo, Snow White, Sox, Stitches, Transfusion, Wimbleton


Warm up:

  • jumping jacks in cadence – 16
  • air squat with arm raise – 8
  • side lunge  – 8 each side
  • spider lunge with twist – 4 each side
  • run to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill

The workout:

Two trees forward, one tree back… run up the hill forward for 2 trees, then run backwards down the hill 1 tree… continue until you reach the last tree. Then run back to the shelter

45-30-15 seconds – 3 rounds of 2 exercises, complete each exercise for 45 seconds, 30 seconds, & 15 seconds

  •  Round 1: v-pushups, scissor stance jacks
  • Round 2: plank jacks (with shoulder tap), squat jacks
  • Round 3: tricep pushups, squat jumps

All the abs – complete each exercise for 1 minute

  • forearm plank hold
  • seated rainbows (c-hold while legs move right to left in a rainbow motion)
  • plank knee cross to elbow
  • unicorn (c-hold while legs lift up and down)
  • bird dog crunch (plank hold, extend right hand/left leg then pull in and touch knee to elbow, then switch)
  • c-hold scissor legs

“No matter how slow you go… you’re still lapping everyone on the couch!”


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