Tennis Court Terror Backblast
June 5, 2018
Lunge, Rinse, Repeat Backblast
June 5, 2018

20/10 Tabata Style


  • When: 06/05/2018
  • Q: Sisqo
  • Pax: Nasa, Peyton, Lemons, Treble, Sox, Paycheck, Crawfish, Sunny, Stitches, 3rd degree, Spokes, Sisqo, Cool Runnnings

Tabata Tuesday

Warm up 1 min of J.J.

30 sec pike legs in and out

30 sec spider 2 sky

Lower Body:

Squats x2 Speedy Squats x2 Squats 2 Sky x2 Squat Jumps x2 Squat Tucks x2

New word called the MAC ( modified and advanced) Squat tuck knee in for balance Rest 1 min



MAC real pushup then knee pushup x2 wide arm push up to tricep pushup x2 standing criss cross arms x2 Half burpees x2 Push up claps off wall x2  Rest 1 min



Shake it like Shakira x2 Shake it 5 count w r and l leg lunges x2 Shake it 5 count double time(hop) x2 Shake it 5 count triple time(3) x2 High knees x2   Rest 1 min


Side plank r side left arm to knee x2 Side plank l side right arm to knee x2 Plank R leg up and into r knee x2 Plank L leg up and into left elbow x2 Plank hold 1x Rest 30 sec


Lunge Pulses R leg x2 Lunge Pulses L leg x2 Squat Walk 4 count x2 Squat front kick, side, and back R +L legs x2


Lie back, up bend knees with a twist R+L side x2 Up and downs x2 Knees 90 bicycle arms R+L shoulders off ground x2 Dead Bug x2

Cool Down:

Legs open in a V down the center, then sides. Figure 4 R+L  Stand up nice and straight open arms to the sky (3)

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