Barnabus – “The Encourager” Workout
September 27, 2017
Comet Backblast: Group Work
September 27, 2017

2 Princesses and a Pax

  • When: 09/27/2017
  • Q: Price Check, Vino
  • Pax: Glacier, Vino, Glamo, Bahama Mama, Java Mama, House Guest, Flash, Cookie Boss, CSI, Chicken Leg, Anchor, Bookie, Hot Property, Roadie, Chuckles, Hot Nana, Shutterbug, High Seas, Premium, Hot Tamale, Price Check, Buttercup, Fixer Upper, Free Fallin', Sleepy, Carmen San Diego

Princess Price Check and Princess Vino (me) brought a royally sweaty workout this morning to The Grind, tutus and all 🙂 I had a tough morning getting up at 4am after a week of doing other things like being at the beach and walking 10miles/day. It was awesome to be back and qing with one of my fave females! We each channeled two princesses and shared their moves with our 24 other fave females! We are still missing some of our regulars and hope they get back soon! Below is what was on the royal agenda this morning.

Good Morning
We are not professionals. This is your workout. You vs You! Listen to your body but remember you are more than just a rockstar – you’re a princess who kicks ass!

Warm Up:
Line up at sidewalk
Arm Circles 15 IC (F&B)
5 push ups
Seal Claps 15 IC
5 push ups
Skip to light pole and back
5 mountain climbers
High Knees to pole and back
5 mountain climbers
Butt kickers to light pole and back

Let’s take a trip to the bayou…
Frog crunches
Palace push ups
Cajun curls (bicep curls)
Froggers (burpee position jump w/legs coming up by arms)
Beignet belly busters (high crunches)
Crockpot squats

How about a visit with one feisty red head…
Archers (with weights)
Up/downs (start in plank position and alternate arms going up and down)
Fergus flutters (flutter kicks)
Wicked Walking Lunges
Vertical Climbers (Standing with weights, push one arm up and lift same side knee at same time – alternate)
Bear Crawl Plank Line (4-6 ladies lined up, head to toe in a plank and last person bear crawled to front of line and planksed and this continued until everyone bear crawled)

Time to go under the sea…
Crab Walk (parking lines)
Clams (30 seconds one side, switch)
Mermaid squats
Floating starfish

We now get to be the guest…
Curtsey Lunges
Weighted Punches
Calf raises (gotta look good in those heels)

Now, I believe there’s something you want to tell us…
“Thank You”
You’re Welcome
Sumo squat until you hear “You’re Welcome” then squat jump

We are princesses destined to win. We must let go of our need for the approval of others. Simplify and let go of burdens that weigh us down. Our daily passion
Prayer requests

Announcement…social is tonight at Mi Ranchos on Richland at 6:30p

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