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September 18, 2018
The Goose
September 18, 2018


  • When: 09/16/2018
  • Q: Taz
  • Pax: The Rose, Java, Holy Toledo, Wake, Bookmark, Sunrise, Push, Zen, Rosetta, and Chic Fil A!

Sunday Art Museum backblast!
11 Pax showed up this morning and worked hard in this thick, humid air!  

The thang:
Warmup included arm circles, imperial marches, squats, skaters, high knees, butt kickers, jumping jacks

then for the first set of workouts at the stairs:
At middle set of stairs, take R leg only, lunge up 2 at a time. When you hit the top of that set of stairs, sprint to the next set, continue R leg only two-stair lunges. When the top of that steps is reached, squat down, and throw 5 intentional jabs with each arm before running fast to the bottom of both sets of stairs to do it again and again, AMRAP for 5 whole minutes!

Then we had to give the L leg some work, so the L leg lunged up two stairs at a time, then we ran backwards to the next set of stairs, L leg lunged up again, to then squat and throw 5 intentional jabs with each arm, only to run back down and start again for 5 minutes!

Tired as we may be, we were only halfway done with the workout, and the museum hadn’t seen 11’s yet, and since they’re Aubri’s favorite, we should all get to know them! So we then did 4 sets of 11’s at the middle steps:
Push-ups & Peter Parkers
Calf raises & Tuck Jumps
Tricep Dips & Russian Twists
Mountain Climbers & Plank Jacks

Circle up and time for abs!
1 min- legs raised, reach up and to the right
1 min- legs raised, reach up and to the left
1 min- leg lifts (don’t touch the floor!)
1 min- hold legs in a “V” position up in the air!
1 min- hold plank and shift forward/back on toes

Ended in COT, passing along good vibes to Java and family, and all those affected by the storms in the southeast.

Ladies, I was drenched, shaky, and am sore already tonight. I hope you all got what you came for out of this morning, it felt tough! Thank you all for coming!

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