PB: Peace Train
March 4, 2018
Cougar Town Pre-Blast
March 4, 2018

1000 calories

  • When: 03/01/2018
  • Q: Doily
  • Pax: Potus, Jersey, Poppins, Dash, FNG Margaret

My goal this morning was to run and burn a ton of calories!

Stair snake and lap.

While one partner ran the other did an exercise until the other returned.

Run to 50 yard line and back- burpees         Run to 100 yard line and back-jumping jacks   Run to 50 yard line-push ups                           Run to 100 yard line- squats                            Run to 50 yard line- push ups                        Run to 100 yard line- crunches                      Run to 50 yard line- plank                               Run to 100 yard line- heismans                      Run to 50 yard line- Russian twists                     Run to 100 yard line- lateral hops

Stair snack and lap



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