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May 24, 2018
Rise and Shine, It’s Cardio Time
May 25, 2018

10 More Push-Ups!

  • When: 05/25/2018
  • Q: Cowbell
  • Pax: Lighthouse, Steel, Megaphone, War Eagle, Cabbie, O'shay

Warm Up: jumping jacks & punches

Workout: 2 sets of 10 on weight exercises with 10 push ups/10 lunges each leg in between

  • bicep curls & hammer curls
  • tricep kickbacks & overhead tricep press
  • narrow weighted squats, wide weighted squats, heel up weighed squats ea leg
  • stiff legged deadlifts, hamstring bridges
  • overhead press, front raises, lateral raises
  • glute kickback & repeater knees
  • dumbbell chest press and dumbbell flies
  • calf raises with toes pointed in, calf raises with toes pointed out
  • end with 20 weighed sit ups

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