“Whats Your Name”
November 8, 2018
Ten, ten and ten some more
November 8, 2018

10 minutes of PAIN

  • When: 11/07/2018
  • Q: Mathlete
  • Pax: FiA Hamm, DIY, Sandbox, Hands On Mom, Mounds

Warm- Up: Jog a lap around half the park


The objective was to complete a each set as many times as possible during a 10 minute time period. After each 10 minutes were up, we jogged a lap and then repeated Set #2 for another 10 minutes, jogged a final lap then repeated Set #3 for 10 minutes. GREAT WORK LADIES!!!

Set #1 :

15 burpees

20 alternating reverse lunges

10 push ups

20 LBC’s

10 dips

Set #2:

30 mountain climbers – double count

30 squats

10 plank shoulder taps – double count

20 bicycle crunches – double count

10 rainbow planks

Set #3:

30 plank jacks – double count

30 alternating side lunges

20 Peter Parker’s

20 reverse crunches

30 second elbow side plank

30 second elbow (other) side plank



Savannah’s back/side issue and her field trip with her class.

LeeAnna’s brother in law and his fight with cancer.

Gwen’s sister in law in her pregnancy as she is nearing her due date.

Leslie’s transitional time with her boys.

Alicia’s mother in law’s friend suddenly passing.

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