FiA/F3/2.0 Workout
June 3, 2018
Raise The Bar
June 3, 2018

1-Mile Loop with Stations

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Betty Crocker
  • Pax: Welcome (Monica Peterson) “Tenzy!” Holy Toledo, Nitro, Wilson, Nurse Ratchet, Nip Tuck, Dewey, Swak, Titanium, Frankie, L.A., Giggles, Nomad, Hot Lips, Travel Girl

16 Pax, 1FNG, lunged, squatted, shuffled, skipped & ran around Olander this beautiful Saturday morning!

In lines of two we completed our dynamic stretching 🙆‍♀️ for .25 miles
• Tip-toeing while stretching our arms overhead and in front.
• Slow butt kicks
• Slow High Knees
• Lunge
• Shuffle Left
• Shuffle Right
• Fast butt kicks
• Fast High Knees
• Slow Jog to satiation 1

Station 1:
•1 minute left step-up driving the right knee up
•1 minute right step-up driving the left knee up
•1 minute box jump (we had some first time box jumpers in the group)!!! 😊
• 1 minute speed squats
• 30 seconds single leg squat on left side, squatting until your butt hit the bench
• 30 seconds single leg squat on right side

Moving on to station 2 we lunged, squatted, skipped, backward Indian ran and did some tricep dips.
Station 2:
• We repeated the above exercises at Station 2. (Step-ups, box jumps, squats and single leg squats)

As we made our way to station 3 we side skipped, jogged backwards, lunged backwards and slow jogged.

Station 3:
• Skaters
• Side Lunges
• Diagonal Donkey Kicks
• Glute Bridges (at the entrance)😂

On the way to station 4- you choose- walk, jog or run! Waiting for all pax members to come various Ab exercises were completed.

Station 4:
Repeat above exercises (skaters, side lungs, diagonal donkey kicks)


💕Thank You all for a coming and for being apart of this group. 💕

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