You CAN do a BOX JUMP :)
August 27, 2017
To the wall…
August 28, 2017

  • When: 08/28/2017
  • Q: Salsarita
  • Pax: Primanti, Tiny Hiker, Wildcat, Kimpossible, Falcon, Baby Spice, Gazelle, Salsarita, Sassy Pants, Coffee Bean (Ginny Enciso)

A group of 10 sassy fias met up this morning at the church for a fun workout.  This is what we did:

Warm up:  15 butt kickers, 15 high knees, 15 cherry pickers, 20 arm circles and a jog to the courtyard of the church.

1, 2, 3:  With a partner we completed 100 squats, 200 lunges and 300 side leg lifts as well as numerous laps around the courtyard.

Tabata:  4 rounds of tabata 1:  tricep push ups / supermans 2:  push ups / plank 3:  sumo squat / monkey humpers 4: squat punch / Raggedy Anns

We ran back to the start to drop off our sweet and sassy pants and then did some abs.  30 LBC, 20 oblique crunches each side 20 heels to heaven and 20 coconut crushers each side


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