Beautiful Morning for some 11’s!!
July 10, 2018
What this morning was made for. . .
July 10, 2018

Yoga That Didn’t Flow

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Peachtree
  • Pax: Dipstick, Miller, Dabbler, Fullback (Respect), Bagherra, Pan Am, Pandora, Mary Jane, Teatree (Respect)

OMG!!  I thought for sure that as soon as I mentioned yoga for the night that I might have 1 or maybe 2 FiAs brave the heat with me.  I was blown away when 9 FiA sisters joined me for a little yoga last night!

The Warm Up

We ran a couple of laps around the island in the parking lot, just to get the blood flowing.  Then we did Windmills IC for a 15 count.

The Thang

I had a let the Pax know up front that I am not a licensed Yoga instructor and that I would definitely try to give them a good workout.  🙂

Standing Poses – Held for 3 to 5 breaths and all poses began in Mountain Pose

  • Warrior I  (Done on both sides)
  • Warrior II  (Done on both sides)
  • Triangle  (Done on both sides)
  • Chair
  • Twisting Chair  (Done on both sides)
  • Tree
  • Eagle  (Done on both sides)

Down to the mat for some floor poses – Held for 3 to 5 breaths

  • Bridge
  • Plank
  • Plank to Chaturanga
  • Plank to Side Plank (Done on both sides)

Flowing Sequence –

Sun Salutation A – Done 2X on both sides

Extra Poses –

  • Plow
  • Shoulder Stand

COT and Nam-o-rama

Last night was far from the best workout I have ever done.  It was disjointed, did not flow and I was not in the best state of mind when I arrived at Nightcrawler.  Then I saw my FiA sisters and I felt my heart lift because I knew they were there to support me.  That is an amazing feeling!  Thank you for working out with me and my disjointed flow without judgment or complaint!  Love my FiA sisters!!

I am going to take a feather from our F3 brothers and request prayers for FiA sisters that really need it right now.  Lets keeps Bagherra, Snots and their family in our prayers, their immediate emergency may be taken care of, but they still need love and support right now.  Double Paradiddle has had a setback with her knee and hip – her knee and hip tissue have softened and she has to take a break from exercise – keep her in your prayers.  Pray for our new sisters at Healing Transitions – they have many issues that they are dealing with and need our love and support without judgment.

My final thoughts, last week was a very trying week for me emotionally.  My FiA workouts were my refuge from the negativity that I was dealing with and I continually thank God for these amazing women.  Count the blessings in your life, kiss/hug the people you love and free yourself from judgmental individuals – life is too short to dwell on those things that you cannot control or change.

Thank you for starting your week with me and I hope the rest of your week is FABULOUS!!



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