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June 18, 2018
CRock PB: Arms & Abs
June 18, 2018

Wun Wne Wap

  • When: 06/18/2018
  • Q: BuzzFeed
  • Pax: Grand Slam, S'mores, Tennessee Walker, Rocker, Nancy - FNG

HAPPY MONDAY! This morning 5 PAX plus 1 FNG joined us to start the week strong with a Deck of Cards workout. The actual workout was awesome, it combined strength with cardio bursts for a sweaty workout and fantastic start to the week. It was definitely a Monday, and resulted in my inability to communicate the directions “run one lap” …which resulted in my yelling WUN WNE WAP multiple times & lots of giggles. Thanks for starting the week together, ladies! You did fantastic!

The Thang:

Deck of Cards – use one deck of cards. For number cards, use the face & the number to dictate workouts (for example, in round one if someone pulled a 6 of hearts, we did 6 pushups). To keep things going quickly, the first person to finish the exercise pulled the next card so there wasn’t any down time. We took a 1 minute rest in between rounds!

Round 1

  • Spades: Weighted Squats with overhead press
  • Hearts: Push-ups
  • Clubs: Lunges
  • Diamonds: Tricep Extension

All face cards represent a cardio move and you do 20 reps of each.

Jokers = run one lap

Round 2

  • Spades: Shoulder Taps
  • Hearts: Reverse Lunges
  • Clubs: Speed Skaters
  • Diamonds: Carolina Dry Docks

All face cards represent a cardio move and you do 20 reps of each.

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