Squat Till You Drop
November 24, 2017
Back blast Black Friday Iron Maiden
November 24, 2017

  • When: 11/24/2017
  • Q: Switchback
  • Pax: Hooks, Abuela (R), Bruiser, Crunch, BooBoos, Mousy, Juicy & Bling

9PAX w/1 FNG @ #TheCourt!!  Welcome FNG Bling!

Warm-up:  Head Roll                              Big Arm Circles
Torso Twist                                                       OH Side Reach Pulse
Ankle/Knee Pull                                             Knee 2 Chest
Toy Soldiers                                                     Heel 2 Butt Tap
Squat Bender                                                  Jumping Jacks

The Thang:  Cinderblocks
CrockPot Squat                  15IC *hold block waist height
Tricep Dip                            15IC
Super Stars                          20IC
Prone Row                           15IC *put toes into block holes to hold down
Heel Raises                          15IC *hold block waist height
Bridge Combo                    10IC each *Together / L Leg / R Leg / LoveAlls
Curtsy Lunge                       15IC
Deadlifts                              10IC

Bruce Lee:  20SC each
Bicycles                       Leg Raise                    Heel Touch                Russian Twist
Reverse Crunch        Cross Toe Tap           Heels 2 Heaven        Flutter Kicks

Logs  2 ladies per log
Toe Taps           1min
Sit-Ups               10SC *hold log on chest
Log Hops           10x Forward, 10x Sideways
Push-Ups           10SC *lay on back, push log up/down, HAVE SPOTTERS
Rat Race – 4+ Logs, 1PAX on end of log standing and other end is on ground.  Remaining PAX goes Over/Under/Over/Under the logs however they choose: bear crawl, jump, hop, back crawl etc.

Cool Down:  Few minutes of various stretches.

Moment of reflection.

5PAX went for a 1mi Run after for the Winter Run Streak Facebook Event!  Switchback, Abuela (R), Bruiser, Juicy & Mousy!!

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