Gettin’ SCHOOLED at #GridIron…..Q School
February 6, 2017
Super Bowl Blowout
February 6, 2017

Work off the wings

  • When: 02/06/2017
  • Q: Molar Bear
  • Pax: Luck, SuPa, FNG Kim aka Everest, F5, Jaguar, Zombie Bride, BOT, Bronco, Reality Show

I was impressed that even one of my fellow FIA’s HC  for a coooold Monday after Super Bowl Workout at 5:30 am but we had 8 STRONG ladies and one awesome FNG come out to Betty Ford. Welcome Everest!!

We didn’t mess around and got right to it.

Warm ups: JJ IC , pot stirrers, walking lunges, hayseeds

THE THANG: I call this around the Clock (walk around the soccer fields with the light posts as “stations”)

Run to the first light post with rock overhead

1. 3 sets of 60 LBC’s and 25 McGill Curl-ups (raise your elbow to make harder)
Bear crawl to the next light

2. 2 sets of 60 ankle biters and pickle poppers
Sprint back to get your rock, rock over head then duck walk to the next light

3. 2 sets of 25 super mans and 60 Russian Twists

10 fast burpees

Rock overhead for a fast walk/light jog while alternating between overhead push and tricep extensions

Namaroma:Welcome Kim AKA Everest

COT: Thank you Jaguar for a good Monday morning pep talk to remember why we all got out of our warm beds.


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