X-rated exercises, but all in fun… you should have posted!
October 18, 2017
Steel Magnolias BB: Booty Beatdown
October 18, 2017

Work it Wednesday

  • When: 10/18/2017
  • Q: Peepers & Iron Chef
  • Pax: Iron Chef, Jitters, Steeler, Heart Stopper, Cheeseballs, Captain, Octomom, El Chapo, Sleepy, Crush, Love Boat, Racket, Twin Peaks, Legend, Stalker, Chompers, Peepers, Hard Core

Finally felt like October… holy moly 46 degree weather. That didn’t stop Peepers from making us sweat. We had 18 Pax come out and enjoy the cool weather. Heres what went down:



Thunderstruck by AC/DC – jumping jacks the whole song. Burpees when you hear thunder or thunderstruck..


The Thang:

Tabata Style.. 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest.

Start out in Warmup Area

>>Arms , with weights

1. Push-ups

2. Triceps (behind head)

3. Bicep curls

4. Front arm raises

5. Arm circles (with weights)

6. Seal Jacks 

7. Shoulder press (overhead press)

8. diamond pushups

9. Dips on curb


Jog around parking lot to Breezeway


1. sumo squats

2. lunges

3. Step ups

4. Calf Raises

5. Squat with Side kick, alternating legs

6. Wall Sit

7. one legged dead lifts

8. Narrow Squats

9. Leg lifts on high wall (Step up, lift leg..alternate legs)


Jog around parking lot, back to Warmup Area



1. Toe Touches

2. Hello dollys

3. Crunches

4. Reverse crunches

5. superman

6. plank

7. dead cockroaches

8. flutter kicks

9. glute bridges


>Circled up, Name-o-ramo, Devotional and Prayer Time

>Talked about upcoming events and new things taking place. Region shirts to come soon!!

>Thankful our 2 FNGs from Monday came back today too 🙂

>Heather Goldman, Chompers, will be leading our monthly socials. More info to come soon!

>November Q schedule soon to come out too!

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