My first AMRAP
March 21, 2018
Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt
March 22, 2018

Work around the clock

  • When: 03/21/2018
  • Q: Locavore
  • Pax: Pelè, Belle, Universal, Bubble Wrap

We had fun at stampede yesterday! Great conversation ensued, including (but not limited to) meeting Richard Simmons, whether part of Richard Simmons’ plan was to keep people fat so he could make more money, and where he is now.

For the workout:

we had 12 stations set up in a circle (or as a clock you could say). We did each one for 1 minute, going around the clock 2x

1 pushups

2 jump lunges

3 renegade rows using a band

4 mountain Climbers

5 squat with overhead press using a band

6 jumping jacks

7 Lunge With curl using a band

8 plank

9 squat with tricep ext using a band

10 high knees

11 v ups

12 burpees

we didn’t have time for a medicine ball relay, so I’ll save that for another time. Instead, we spent the last few minutes doing a med ball toss.  We sat in a circle in sit up position tossing the ball to the person across from us. I think we all thought it was pretty fun, so we will definitely do that again sometime.

Finish up by heading back to the cars, CoT, Prayer for a great day.  No better way to start the day than working out with you ladies!




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