4th of July Convergance
July 5, 2018
Frog Pond Friday (I’m already sore) PreBlast
July 5, 2018

Wonder Woman Workout

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: Pippi and Belle
  • Pax: Pippi, Racquet, Dang Yankee, A-Aron, Hitler, Hardcore, Froggy, Costanza, Chompers, Iron Chef, Jitters, Squirrel, Turtle, Hope (FNG), Loveboat, Toothpick, Christina (FNG), Peyton (FNG), Flossy, Peepers, Cheeseballs, Crush, Hannibal, Jet Setter, Belle

Twenty-five “Wonder Women” showed up on Independence Day to put in work.  While it was humid and the Q was challenging, what an awesome experience it was to be able to celebrate the freedom to meet together as women and grow stronger together in body and spirit!


“Firework” by Katy Perry

  • Verse 1 (Do you ever feel like a plastic bag): Arm Circles Forward
  • Refrain (You just gotta ignite the light):             Through the Tunnel
  • Chorus (Cause baby, you’re a firework): Jumping Jacks
  • Verse 2 (You don’t have to feel like…): Arm Circles Backward
  • Refrain (You just gotta ignite the light): High Knees
  • Chorus (Cause baby, you’re a firework): Butt Kickers
  • Bridge to End (Boom, boom, boom…): Windmills


Everyone works in teams of four for encouragement but individuals move at their own pace.

Hero WOD – 21 Guns (21 minute AMRAP)

  • Run around Parking Lot
  • 7 Push ups
  • 7 Burpees (no push up)
  • 7 Reverse Elbow Push-ups
  • 21 Curb Jumps/Taps

Team 1776

We originally intended to attempt the following within our teams of four.  However, between the humidity and time left, we were unable to accomplish this lofty goal as it was originally planned.  However, as a collective whole, we certainly reached the goal!

Complete a total of 1776 reps of all movements, in any order.  Multiple partners may work at a time, but everyone must work together on the same movement and move to the next one together.

  • Crunches
  • Renegade Rows
  • Dumbbell Wood Choppers (make sure to alternate sides)

Circled up and Name-o-rama – Welcome to our three FNGs: Twinkie, Bag Lady, and Spirit Fingers!


from “When I am Free” devotion by Lynn Cowell at Proverbs 31 Ministries

Galatians 5:13 “After all, brothers, you were called to be free; do not use your freedom as an opening for self-indulgence, but be servants to one another in love.”

When I am free from ambition, I am free to serve with a joyful heart.

When I am free from selfishness, I am free from irritation.

When I am free from jealousy, I am free to rejoice in the good of another.

When I am free from judgment, I am free to pray from a pure heart.

When I am free from expectation, I am free to enjoy whatever comes.

When I am freed from controlling others, I am free to see the miraculous.

When I am truly free, I will see the Kingdom of God in my life.

That is what I want to see –the Kingdom of God come in my life. What is that going to take? It’s going to take tearing free from my own selfish thoughts and feelings.  It’s going to take looking at things from God’s perspective. It’s going to take God’s help. In order to be free, I have to be free of me.

Do you want to be free too? Free to find total and utter completion in Jesus? What steps will you take this week to make that freedom a reality?


Several of us (approx. 20) met up for Coffeteria at the local Starbucks afterward, where the baristas were super friendly and accommodating on the holiday morning (they were not expecting a large number of customers and therefore, were short staffed).

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