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November 22, 2016
Freezing out tails off…
November 22, 2016

Wobble to Gobble

  • When: 11/22/2016
  • Q: Diamond
  • Pax: Freebird and Kelly Hawkins (FNG) nickname TBD

I had 1 PAX and 1 FNG join me this morning for a pre thanksgiving workout. We will definitely be wobbling after the leg workout from this morning. We also incorporated a few ab workouts to help justify eating all of the Thanksgiving food our hearts desire on Thursday.


10 frontward arm circles

10 backward arm circles

10 Jumping Jacks


3×25 (Wobble to Gobble A.K.A Legs)


Calf Raises

Monkey Humpers


Jump Squats

3×25 (Crunch to Munch A.K.A Abs)

Russian Twists

Shoulder Taps

Flutter Kicks

Ankle Touches

Mountain Climbers

We did a little cardio in between each exercise to give us a good mix and keep us warm. It was a bit chilly again this morning but we quickly warmed up.


A Heart of Thanksgiving– Luke 17:11-19

You read here how Jesus healed ten men with leprosy. They cried out Jesus as He was passing by. Jesus healed all ten- but only one returned and gave thanks to Jesus.

Like the other nine, do we forget to give thanks and praise to God when we receive answers to our prayers, or when He comes through in some miraculous way to provide for a particular need?

Sometimes we can take for granted what God does in our lives. We must have the same attitude that this man had when he saw that he was clean. He didn’t hesitate to give thanks to Jesus- but praised and worshiped Him. There is so much we can think of in our own lives to be thankful for. All we need to do is look around and see how God has blessed us. God has poured out His blessings in abundance. May we indeed have thankful hearts, and live in an attitude of thanksgiving everyday. fia-workout


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