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January 2, 2018
Comet Pre-blast: Thrusters
January 2, 2018

  • When: 01/02/2018
  • Q: Zia
  • Pax: Citylife, Grasshopper

Woke up to a winter weather advisory and noted the outside temp said 19*! It was a cold one but I knew if we had the right clothes/layers on and kept moving we’d be just fine. Thankfully I wasn’t left stranded at the #battlefield and we were 3 PAX strong for a little Winter Weather Weighted Warmth workout! We started out with a warm-up jog around the loop and then we jumped right into the workout because 19* is well, 19* and standing around was not an option!

The Thang:

We had 2 metal tins (blue and red) and Grasshopper chose the red tin. Inside each tin were 8 exercises (one exercise from each major muscle group). Each pax would draw a piece of paper and read off the exercise, then hit the pavement running a lap around the parking lot while the remaining pax worked hard doing as many reps of the exercise waiting for the runner to return. Each pax took a turn running the lot while the others completed the one exercise, then we drew another paper and repeated the process. The run around the parking lot kept us warm and moving and the weighted exercises burned our muscles. All in all we had an enjoyable, brisk morning where it was commented multiple times that it really didn’t feel like it was only 19* outside!

The list of exercises (exercises were divided into the 2 tins so that each muscle group was represented in each tin) :


weighted curls while doing calf raises

1/2 up curls while doing calf raises (sets of 10 1/2 way up, then 10 starting at 1/2 way and curling all the way up)


skull crushers (holding weight above head bend elbows 90* lowering weight behind your head)

tricep kick backs while leaning forward


“L” raises while doing calf raises (alternate raising arms: one forward and one lateral while holding weights)

90* lateral raises (hold weights out in front at 90* and raise elbows out away from body horizontally)


Chest Fly

Chest Press


American hammers with weight

flutter kicks


Opposite arm/leg extension while in dog pose, holding weights

superman extensions while holding weights


glute bridges

fire hydrants (weight behind knee optional)


belt kicks while holding weights

squat with lateral kick while holding weights


Ended with encouragement about not letting new year resolutions bog us down but was encouraged to hear what each lady was focused on this year and how they did with last year’s resolutions. Citylife and Grasshopper, thank you for coming out on this cold morning and encouraging me to stick to it even when conditions aren’t ideal! Happy New Year everyone!




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