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July 12, 2018
AMRAP and Courtyard Suicides
July 12, 2018

Where will the ball go?

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Nola
  • Pax: Diver, Tech, Splash, Coach K, Spice, FNG Elizabeth (Captain), FNG Darian (Deep Clean)

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Its been a crazy few days with my surgery. None-the less, Monday was a fun work out with the FNGs! We met at the Elementary school by the playground and had a little fun.

Started with some butt kickers, arm circles, parking lot run and storm troopers.

The Thang!

We broke down into groups and each group had a baseball. Each group would go to the game on the playground that has an opening at the top with 4 numbered chutes and throw the ball into the top to see which chutre it exited. There were 4 stations each coordinating with a chute. If your ball went out chute 1, your team did the exercises at the station and so forth. If the ball that was thrown into the top missed, your team did 5 burpees. There were a lot of burpees…. Each station had 2 cards with exercises as most teams went to the same station a few times as you never knew which chute the ball would go out of.

Station 1:

Option 1 – 10 push ups, 100 toe taps on beam, 10 star jumps

Option 2 – 10 chin ups on bar, 100 high knees, 10 chest pull ups on bar

Station 2:

Option 1 – 20 low country crab boil and 20 spider man mountain climbers

Option 2 – 2 parking lot runs and 20 tricep dips on bench

Station 3:

Option 1 – 30 alternating step ups on bench and 30 russian twists

Option 2 – 30 jump squats and 30 v-ups

Station 4:

Option 1 – 40 calf raises on slide stairs and 402 alternating lunges with weighted bicep curl

Option 2 – 40 jumping jacks and 40 arm raises to side with weight


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