Werk it with Circuits – #hugh_mac ATTACK!

Count down to the New Year
December 29, 2017
December 29, 2017

Werk it with Circuits – #hugh_mac ATTACK!

  • When: 12/29/2017
  • Q: Goofy Foot
  • Pax: Shaka, Caddy, Goofy Foot and 2.0s Waves, Aloha, Lani Kai, Sprint

Baby, it was a whole lot more than cold outside here in the ILM this morning.  3 PAX and 4 2.0s braved the chilly temps (and some frozen? precipitation) to work big muscle groups in an effort to stay warm.  We laughed a lot, too.

The Thang – Warmed up with a mosey, 15 cross jacks IC, another mosey, 20 Bobby Hurleys and who knows how many Clapping Heisman.  Try these – you’ll laugh so hard you’ll lose count, too!

Core circuit – ran in between rounds 1 and 2, went straight to 3.  All exercises were performed together.  25 Mountain Climbers, 10 Forearm Plank Pikes, 10 (each side) Plank Hip Dips, 20 Parker Peters, 20 Upper Ab Pulse Crunch, 20 Oblique Pulse Crunch, 10 Double Leg Hold, 10 Double Leg Lower, 20 Bicycles.

Thigh Circuit – enough time to do one set of: 20 Plie on Toes, 20 Chair Reverse Lunges (Holy, OUCH!!!), 25 Chair Side Tap (each side), 25 Stationary Lunge w/ Twist (each side), 25 Outer Leg Lift (each side), 15 Sweeping Side Lunge (each side).

Finished with Name-o-Rama and a conversation about potty training a 2.5 year old…

Happy New Year, FiA Fam!  See you next year!!!

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