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January 8, 2018
Winter Warm Up with Exercise Pairs
January 8, 2018

  • When: 01/06/2018
  • Q: Chocolate Chip
  • Pax: Wonder Woman, Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy, Fixer Upper, Chocolate Chip

We started with a warm up of high knees, arm circles (front and back), and jumping jacks – 1 minute each.

The Thang:

We ran from the play ground to the soccer field and started a a game of catch me if you can.  Everyone partnered up and partner 1 did 10 star jumps while partner 2 ran backwards. Once partner 1 finished their starjumps they ran to catch up with partner 2. Partner 2 then did star jumps and partner 1 ran backwards. We did this all the way down the field and back.

Next we did 2 10 min rounds AMRAP of the following:

Round 1

10 push ups

20 squat

30 Lbs

1 burpees

Same partners worked together. Partner 1 did pushups while partner 2 rested, then partner 2 did squats and P1 rested,  P1 did LBCs while P2 rested. They both did the burpees together.  Continue as many rounds as possible adding a burpee each time.

Round 2

Same concept as above but with 10 boat canoes, 20 lunges, 30 triceps dips.

Then we played plank frogger. Everyone held a plank position side by side. The 1st person stood up and jumped over everyone and got back in plank position at the end of the line. We did this across the width if the field and then bear crawled back across.  By this point,  I know I was barely crawling! That field felt like it was growing!


FiA is all about better together and stronger together so I challenged us all to find at least one thing that we want to do better and let’s all work on it together! It can be anything better at running, pull ups, better tone with our kids/family. Anything! We are here to help, to be sounding boards, to lift each other up! We had a really good, long talk about what we want to work at – now let’s make it happen ladies!

Thank you for all you have already done for me! I already see some changes mentally and physically.  Before FiA I would have NEVER gotten up before 5 am and worked out in below freezing temps – I really don’t do cold real well!

See you on Thursday!

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  1. Awesome workout! I bearly got through it!!

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