11 ladies rocking the 11s
July 11, 2018
This and That Summer Sweat!
July 11, 2018

We Fancy Backblast 7/11

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Viper
  • Pax: Sequoia, Magellan, Vacarro, Francis, Natural, Sol

In spite of the muggy morning, we had a great workout to start the day!!

The Warmup:

  • Jumping Jacks x20
  • Windmills x20
  • Stretches

The Workout:

  • We started with Doras, where we partnered up and one partner ran the length of three tennis courts and back while the other did pushups, then switched places. We did a total of 100 pushups, then switched it up and did 250 total crunches.
  • We next did a Ladder:
    • 10 Burpees
    • 20 Squat Jumps/Squats
    • 30 Air Presses
    • 40 Mountain Climbers
    • 50 Hillbillies
    • 60 Second Plank
  • We ran the 1/4 mile loop and repeated the Ladder
  • We then ran another 1/4 mile loop and finished up with some Abs:
    • Heels to Heaven x20
    • Scissor Kicks x16
    • Bicycles 30
    • 30-second Plank
    • 30-second Planks on each side

We finished up with our quote “Get up an hour earlier to LIVE an hour more.” Awesome way to get up and get it done before the sunrise, ladies!! 🙂

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