The one where the wind was stupid
January 10, 2018
Conquering our weaknesses with Burpees, Planks & Ladders
January 10, 2018

Up and Down like this weather!

  • When: 01/10/2018
  • Q: Gatsby
  • Pax: Sherpa, Hot lips, Stars, Groupie, Shutterbug, Stripes, Yogi

8 Pax came together to enjoy the “warm” 47 degree temp after a few workouts in the low teens. We’ll be in the 70’s later in the week, so it’s definitely up and down around here!

Warm up: 1o imperial walkers, 10 windmills, 10 arm circles forward and backward

The Thang: partner one does stair exercise while partner two does squats; partners hold squats until all are finished and then all PAX do either round A or round B together

  1. Run up and down stairs

Round A: 30 seconds push ups, 30 seconds bicep curls, 30 seconds tight arm circles

  1. Walking lunges up stairs, jog down

Round B: 30 seconds tricep kick backs, 30 seconds bent over rows, 30 seconds plank

  1. Squat jumps up stairs, jog down

Repeat Round A

  1. Sideways run up stairs, jog down

Repeat Round B

  1. 10 calf raises, skip one stair and repeat all the way up, jog down

Repeat Round A

  1. Wide Walk up stairs skipping at least 2 steps, jog down

Repeat Round B

We were going to repeat all 6 stair rounds changing the squats to donkey kicks and the arm rounds to ab rounds but ran out of time, so we did:

run up and down the stairs, 30 seconds russian twists, 30 seconds lbc’s, 30 seconds flutter kicks, run up and down the stairs, 30 seconds bicycles, 30 seconds star crunches, 30 seconds heel taps.


In keeping with our up and down workout, I found the quotes, “The way up is down,” and “Before you can get close to God you have to find the highway of lowliness.” Humble yourself, admit when you’re broken and lean on God. Walk, sit, talk and love on those “broken and beneath you” and be human together.

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