Cardio Conditioning
December 27, 2017
Fruit(cake) of the Spirit
December 27, 2017


  • When: 12/22/2017
  • Q: Swank
  • Pax: Thank you Nurse Ratchet, Worthy, Tree Hugger, Lucky, Chick-fil-A, Betty Crocker, Wings, Potts, Double Shot, Java, Swank, Jack, Spring, Taz, Holy Toledo and our FNG Amigo! Loved the coffee with 7 afterwards too!

16pax plus one new friend, Amigo! U-G-L-Y sweater day for a pretty but tough workout! Group workout, 50 sec on 10 sec off, 32 exercises total. Star Jumps, Jump Squats, Burpees, overhead squat press, bicycle etc. were among them! 

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