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July 5, 2018
PB: Iron Maiden
July 5, 2018


  • When: 07/05/2018
  • Q: Mary Lou
  • Pax: Marm, Van Gogh (respect)

Note to self…consider wisely before signing up to Q following a holiday! I admit I was tiiiiiired and dragging this morning when I showed up. I was happy to see two smiling Pax posted to motivate me through another workout. If I make it out on Saturday that will be 4 workouts this week! Some sort of record or something! Ha!

Knowing I was Q following a holiday that traditionally keeps you out late or your kids up late due to fabulous fireworks I planned the workout several days in advance and I’m glad I did. My brain didn’t want to work yesterday and I was happy I already had a plan in place when my alarm went off at 5am.

It was very much a traditional workout…even felt like a throwback to my early Q days. It went like this:

W/U: JJs, HKs, BKs, good mornings, large arms circles forward and backwards. All IC

The Thang: we moseyed to the long parking lot for a traditional Dora. 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 lbcs.

Next we did a quick waterfall from 5 of dips on the curb and skaters.

We finished up with a focus on some minor muscle groups like inner and outer thighs, calves and isolated some abs doing the following: leg throws on each side, leg swings to forward on each side, inner thigh leg lift on each side, calf raises 5 ways (straight, pigeon-toed, 2nd position, right and left leg).

That brought us right up to 6:29 and I had just enough time to spout off something that’s been rattling around in my head lately. With our country’s celebration of freedom I paused to reflect on what it really means to be free. Freedom, in reality, is only found in Christ. Yes, we may have religious, political, social freedoms in this country due to the hard work accomplished by those that have gone before us. But true freedom from the bondage of sin comes only through Jesus Christ. Galatians 5:1 says “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” We often live as if we are still imprisoned in our sin (fear, worry, anxiety, anger, bitterness, wrath, immorality, etc.) when the prison gate is wide open and we simply have to walk out of it in the power of Christ.  If you are in Christ you are a new creation. We no longer need to go back to our former lives and live as we once did. So as a reminder, fix your eyes on Jesus and speak truth to yourself when you start believing the lie that you are worthless, or you screwed up again, or you’ll always fail, or etc. You’ve been set free to not only flee those former chains, but to pursue head on righteousness, holiness and Christlikeness.

Thank you for the privilege to lead,

Mary Lou

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