Total Toning and Tabatas

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June 16, 2018
Foxtrot Preblast – Avoiding the hills???
June 16, 2018

Total Toning and Tabatas

  • When: 06/16/2018
  • Q: Doula & Crunchy Pickle
  • Pax: Annie FNG, Chara FNG, Amy FNG, Hannah FNG, Kaitlyn FNG, Amanda FNG, Melisa FNG, Nora FNG, Hannah FNG, Beth FNG, Megan FNG, Sisa FNG, Calie FNG, Kasey FNG, Sara FNG, Eliana FNG, Gabby FNG, Kendra FNG, Vicki FNG, Eleanor, Mocha, Aravis, Bluesy, Gazelle, love,

The Site: 27 ladies 18 FNG’s (friendly new girl) joined up at Shelby Farms Park to get stronger together. We were met with beautiful skies and a temp of roughly 90 degrees. The sun showed little mercy on us today. It was out full blaze.

Warm Up:

Jumping Jacks IC

Arm Circles front and back IC

Toy Soliders IC

Mosy around full lot.

The Thang:

Crunchy Pickle had us mosy down to the benches (in the shade..hallelujah) to start our first circuit. This spot in particular looks right out to a gorgeous glistening lake. Was anyone else feeling the temptation to throw in the towel and set up shop on paddle boards while listening to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” 🙂 probably just me right!?

This circut was 21 minutes, 7 exercises, repeated 3X’s through utilizing the bench. Step Ups Right and left leg, Bulgarian Split Squats right and left leg, tricep dips, plyo push ups, and incline mountain climbers. If any passerbys were hoping for a quiet morning gazing out into the lake it wasn’t today. Ha

Then we went into 3 different rounds of Tabatas. 4 minutes each

  1. 20 sec on 10 sec rest. 4X’s through 8 count jabs, and quick feet
  2. 20 sec on 10 sec rest 8X’s through BURPEES! My personal fav
  3. 20 sec on 10 sec rest 4X’s through Partner sit ups and static squats

With only about 7 minutes left we side shuffled to an incline path that led back up to the parking lot where we started. I called this “The Road Not Taken” based off the poem by Robert Frost. Would of been easy to do a quick mosy back up the hill but I know these ladies didn’t come for why not a challenge! We split up into 2 groups. We had our lunge walkers, and our duck waddlers. The only thing I asked of them was whatever they chose commit to that move and make it to the top. Off we went…if I didn’t already mention this little fact here it is. This path is an incline. So OUCH! Once at the top we did flutter kicks while waiting for the six. There was Mary (abs) planned but ran out of time.

Circle Of Trust:

NAME O RAMA, and then we split into 2 groups to name our 18 FNG’s What?? How cool is that! This ladies are “headlocking” and bringing their friends which I love. Thats how FIA keeps going. Crunchy Pickle caught on to the exhaustion of the PAX and cut out her word of encuragement and closed us out in prayer.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: I am still collecting donations for our FIA flag. If you are interested in giving towards that email me at (thats a zero at the end). 

Next week Saturday the 23rd we will be having a regional leader from our sister FIA in NE TN come to lead us in our bootcamp. It’s to help support our brand new Memphis launch. They were originally scheduled for today but had to push it back. Be sure to not miss that workout. And bring a friend or sister with you. 

Come join us for another bootcamp Tuesday the 19th led by Doula at Freeman Park in Bartlett. 

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  1. Great backblast Doula! Your comments always make me chuckle!

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