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July 13, 2018
7-11 Burpees, Not Slurpees
July 13, 2018

Thursday Throw-down

  • When: 07/12/2018
  • Q: Derby
  • Pax: Bookworm, Caribbean, Dolphin, Digger

5 PAX joined our Thursday workout. The weather was tolerable, but the sweat was still rolling!!

Warmup – 10 good mornings – 15 jumping jacks – 20 high knees – all in cadence 

The Thang – 

1- Run to end of waterfront doing merkin +1 at every other light post  

2 – Mosey to Caboose 

3 – Circle Burp at caboose 

(fast feet in circle while each member calls out “down” at which point we all do a burpee)

4 – Run to Turnage for alley wall sit while singing Row Row Row Your Boat in rounds

5 – Run to chamber 

6 – Duck and Weave from chamber to gazebo

(indian run position with duckwalk while back person runs to front weaving in and out of PAX)

7 – Run down boardwalk doing pulse squat +1 at each light pole

8 – interval run from end of boardwalk to Sweet Treats 

Cooldown – stretch legs 

Quote – It never gets easier – you get stronger!

Name – O – Rama


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