ABC workout
February 23, 2018
Birthday “FUN” ???
February 23, 2018

Throw Back Stations in the Dungeon

  • When: 02/23/2018
  • Q: Comet
  • Pax: Die Hard, Nola, Robot, Salsa, Tech

Five ladies joined me to enjoy this glimpse of spring and sample a little workout that was very “Throw Back” of our early HC FiA day-STATIONS in the dungeon. We used to do them at least once a week and it’s been ages since anyone even brought us down there. No throw back workout is complete without a totally cheesy 90s Hip Hop playlist to accompany it.

Quick Warm Up with some questionable counting from all parties. Jacks, Storm Troopers, Butt Kickers (with Arm Circles just to make us look ridiculous), Run Stairway Loop

The Thang: 15 Stations for 1 minute each. Repeat once.

1- Bench Burpees (Pushup on Bench, Jump or Step up onto bench for hop portion)
2- Step Ups or Bench Jumps
3- Tricep Dips
4- Curb Pushups
5- Pistols – one legged squat on bench
6- Jump Rope
7- Kettlebell Swing
8- Skaters
9- Staircase Burpees (Walk out hands, pushup on stair, Walk hands back in, Hop to next stair)
10-Bulgarian Split Squats w/ rear foot on bench
11-Figure 4 Crunches
13-Wall Climbs aka Balls to Wall (alternate exercise: Plank)
14-Marching Wall Sit
15-Incline Pushups

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